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Our State-of-the-Art Custom Sound System

E11EVEN’s main pit and Rooftop features state the art audio known as E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio. The system was redesigned in 2019 as the creator of E11EVEN always wants to have the best quality of sound with the utmost clarity and deep clean pounding sub bass. The system consists of a true 4-point stereo DJ system capable of transitioning for live acts providing no microphone feedback along with true clarity in the artist voice. The improvements to the new sound system started in the mid-range bass areas by designing a quad 15” cabinet (vs) the previous triple 15”. Transitioning to a 12” midrange (vs) 10” and a horn provided smoother and greater sound pressure levels providing superb clarity and perfect coverage in the pit. The icing on the cake is the two bullet tweeters per speaker providing the ultra-high frequencies never heard at E11EVEN before. The sub bass was also redesigned with clam shell dual 21” subs that are more compact and spread out better in the club. They provide a cleaner and punchy bass throughout the pit and loft area and handle more power.

The audio system features the finest signal processing available by XTA and is powered by MC2 class A/B bipolar amplifiers on all midrange and high frequency components and the new MC2 Delta 120 amplifiers on all sub bass. The E11EVEN audio system produces over 100,000 watts of power throughout the entire venue and is capable of running 24/7 without driver fatigue or components failing.

E11EVEN has an exclusive audio technician who is on call 24/7 and maintains the system weekly to ensure the audio system is always perfect. In addition, E11EVEN employs a house technician to provide DJ set up, continuous support and deal with all artist requests throughout the event. E11EVEN has had great success with live artists due to the outstanding microphones used during performances and uniquely designed floor as monitors have never been necessary for the artist. E11EVEN’s audio staff is listed below and available for every artist’s request.