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Halloween Concerts & Parties in Miami

A Sexy Haunted Saloon Where Vampires, Witches, Ghosts, Zombies, and Evil-doers Await Unsuspecting Tourists To Wander In will be in full effect October 24 – 31. Get ready for other worldly performances and DJ sets by the biggest acts in the industry.


Attention all guest celebrating Halloween at E11EVEN MIAMI.
We encourage all guests to dress up in their favorite Halloween costume beginning October 24th through October 31st. While this is a festive time for everyone, the security and safety of all our guests and staff personnel is always our number one priority. Therefore, we have outlined costume guidelines to ensure your safety.

- Guests wishing to come in body paint are subject to the normal dress code parameters.
- Nothing lewd, offensive or overtly explicit
- All costumes must consist of proper footwear
- Costume may not prohibit the ability to identify a guest with their photo ID
- All flammable items, liquid containers, or items that can stain the venue will not be allowed in the building, including but not limited to: Silly string, hair spray, spray paint, body paint, etc...
- Please do not bring sets of extra clothing in your bags.
- For your security and safety, the following costume props and accessories will not be permitted:
      - Weapons/Prop Weapons of any kind
      - Guns/Prop Guns
      - Bullets/Prop Bullets
      - Knives/Prop Knives
      - Axes/Hatchets/Tomahawks
      - Bows/Arrows
      - Whips
      - Canes/Umbrellas
      - No Liquid Filled Containers (Flasks, Cantines, etc) As Props are ok, but may not be filled with liquid
      - Management reserves all rights

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a potential dress code violations, please feel free to contact us at for assistance.

Don't Miss Miami's Sexiest Halloween Celebrations

The city of Miami will experience a Halloween like never before! The E11EVEN "Ghost Town" takes over Miami’s only 24/7 Ultraclub exclusively from October 24th through the 31st. Eight straight nights of Halloween partying including some of the world’s biggest DJ’s, celebrities in attendance and the best theatric shows ever performed in a club. Considered one of the best nightlife venues in the world, E11EVEN MIAMI brings you the best Halloween parties in the Magic City. The E11EVEN Ultraclub experience delivers the perfect blend of upscale and chic with an energy you have to feel to believe.

While everyone else plays hip-hop, we stand apart from the crowd with a lineup of some of the best electronic dance music (EDM) DJ’s in the world that rivals any festival. Come prepared for a Halloween party like you’ve never seen before, but don't blame us if you're a zombie the next morning. Our acts are so talented they could raise the dead.

Brooke Evers, Thursday, October 24th
Kick-off the festivities with Brooke Evers, an Australian DJ & Producer that absolutely murders the turntables will leave you begging for more Thursday, October 24.

Carnage, Friday, October 25th
Check out the beats of EDM, Hip-Hop, and Trap Master Carnage. He is a force to be reckoned with and is a staple in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list. He now invades the Miami nightlife with his wicked style bringing the big festival energy to the NOSLEEP atmosphere only E11EVEN has to offer.

Diplo, Saturday, October 26th
Grammy Award winning DJ/Producer Diplo takes over the party with his unique blend of dubstep, Dancehall, electro-house and trap all in one set. With hits like “Express Yourself,” “Where are Ü Now,” and “Close To Me,” don't be afraid to let the music course through your veins. You can't help but move your body and lose control to one of the biggest names in EDM today.

DJ A-Train, Sunday, October 27th
DJ A-Train has hypnotized crowds from fashion shows to festival stages, and he's mixing his sick beats at the club for Ghost Town week. Check him out at the best night club in Miami.

DJ Affect, Monday, October 28th
Seasoned Miami nightlife veteran, DJ Affect, hits the booth and mashes monster beats with his "genre-less" style that appeals to all. This "DJ prodigy" is in serious demand with his high-energy beats in the Miami scene.

Yissel, Tuesday, October 29th
Yissel (formerly DJ YSL) knows how to turn the party up a notch or two as she blends house, hip-hop, and R&B. Small but ferocious, check out the huge music delivered by this five-foot package.

Mister Gray, Wednesday, October 30th
Mister Gray will make your body shake with rhythm, not fear. His versatility is scary good, and his house music proves it. Try not to dance. We dare you.

Dada Life, Thursday, October 31st
Dada Life comes all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, and the E11EVEN “Ghost Town” will be one of their prime stops on their Dada Land 10-Year Anniversary Tour. Let the beats take over your soul as you party your Halloween night away with champagne, bananas and pillow fights.

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